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Pierce Hartman and Jay Austin

Welcome to a brand new week and a brand new show with some fresh Randy Blue goodies shown off once again. This time we wanted to pair up the two studs Pierce Hartman and Jay Austin for this one and see how the two will get to play with one another. Sure enough, the two hot bears made magic happen in their gallery and you just have to take your time to see it all unfold without delay. You can honestly expect to see some pretty good stuff with them in this one as they are very well aware of how to put on a scene for everyone to see. So yeah, we bet you want to see them fucking passionately already so let’s just go at it.

As many other hot studs before them, these two got to have a nice little bed to use and they were going to make the most of it. Of course they make it creak pretty much all throughout as they switch positions and roles and it’s just amazing to experience their gallery fully. You will be able to see them start off with some nice and sexy kissing and caressing and once they get done with that, the real fun begins with lots of anal penetration. Take your time to check them out as they fuck each other bareback today and see it all unfold on your screens for this afternoon. We’ll of course take our leave for now and see you soon with some more!


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Randy Blue – The Raw Cock

Randy Blue is back today with more action for you all to see and we can pretty much guarantee that you will adore the update that we have for you here today. There’s another raw and primal fuck with two amazing guys going at it and you can bet that you most definitely want to check this one out without delay. The studs are horny as hell and ready to get down and dirty and all that for you all to see and check out. So take the time to get to see a brand new show and watch the action go down with two studs getting down and dirty with each other. So yeah let’s sit back and enjoy an awesome and hard fuck today as usual!


These two guys have been around here before so we’re sure there’s no introduction needed for this one as they get to have some naughty and nasty fun with each other. Naturally, you can see the whole thing start off with them kissing and caressing one another and they seem quite happy to get to do some foreplay to kick things off. Sure enough when they get each other nice and hard, you can see them enjoying taking turns to fuck one another doggie style for the rest of this scene. We’ll bring you more next week too, so until then, just take time to enjoy this raw bareback anal session that they have going on down here for you. Bye bye!

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Massage and bareback fuck

Hey there everyone. You are in time to see another amazing Randy Blue update like usual here today and this one is one that you will remember for a long time for sure. This new gallery features some amazing images with the guys here getting to play with one another nice and naughty and of course all of it started with a nice massage session. Either way, all of you are in for some amazingly hot and sexy scenes with these two here today and you can bet that they aimed to do lots of steamy and juicy things in this RandyBlue show! So let’s take a seat and enjoy another nice and hard style fuck session with horny studs!

Like we said, the whole thing started with a massage session that the more tanned guy was giving his fuck buddy. And of course both of them started to get horny. That was the intended purpose of this whole thing anyway and you can tell that the masseur is taking a real long time to tease the “client’s” sexy ass and his big dick. So after all that teasing he gets to have the guy right on top of him and massaging his ass internally with his big and thick dick as well as the latter moans in pleasure throughout the whole thing. We’ll be seeing you once more next week with another new and fresh scene and all you need to do is drop by to check it out!


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Randy Blue – Straight stud JD Carlo

Hey there guys. We’ve brought to you some more all new Randy Blue scenes to check out and we have some pretty amazing ones to show off today for you all. The straight guy is named JD Carlo and he knows a thing or two about putting his body on display already it seems in this new scene here. We’re sure that you will want to check out each and every single image in this nice and juicy gay fuck session and rest assured that there’s going to be plenty to check out as we promised. So yeah, let those cameras roll and let’s just get to watch Carlo as he gets to have some fun fucking this other guy here for the whole afternoon!


He had the bigger dick and his fuck buddy for the afternoon was really really desiring to get to take it up the ass from the guy. Well of course, the Latino cutie Carlos was very very happy to put his cock to use on that fine ass and give the guy a dicking that he won’t soon forget either. Watch Carlos laying back and just enjoying some nice and passionate cock sucking that he receives from the other guy here today to get him all nice and rock hard for the start of this and then you can see him take the time to plow that guy in the ass for the rest of this amazing scene. We’ll see you again next week with another new update and even more kinky action!

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Markus Hovor Barebacking

We’re back with more Randy Blue goodies today and you can bet that you are in for a treat as always with this one everyone. You get to watch another pair get down and dirty for you and they are super duper eager to show off what they like to do in this one. Well it’s mostly Markus Hovor and he gets to play with a dude that you have seen before quite recently. Markus gets to use his cock to make the guy moan in pleasure today so just strap in and get ready to check out one of the most amazing and hottest RandyBlue scenes here to date! So yeah, let’s just get started and see the two guys fucking hard style for you shall we?

When they start off, you can see that they were in the bedroom on their big and comfy bed and they were all ready to put it to some good use today. As the sheets come off, you can see that both were already naked and ready as it seems that they may have partied just as hard moments before. Well that’s alright as it’s always great to have a round two of it all as well. We’ll be sure to let you see everything they got to do in their update and we’ll have much more content to prepare next week for you all to see as well. See you all then with the new stuff! We can already tell that you will enjoy it and oh, don’t forget to check out the past scenes for even more superb gay sex scenes!


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Randy Blue – Peter Lipnik makes his debut

Another fresh week and time to check out a new Randy Blue update as always. So as you know, we’re always down to bring you some of the hottest and most amazing scenes every week without fail. We always have the best of the best guys playing here and you can rest assured that there’s going to be some quite amazing and hot galleries to see in this one too. We always aim to make the site the best go to place when you want to see studs get naughty and these guys here were pretty much perfect either way. One of the RandyBlue guys here is actually making his porn debut so let’s check him out taking it in the ass for this one already!


The fact that he is new means only one thing and that is of course that he has the honor of being the one on the receiving end today and the gay stud we paired him with is more than happy to spread those cheeks and use his fine ass for pleasure today. Either way, you can expect to see some pretty intense and amazing gay fucking scenes on that black leather couch and it all starts with them sixty nine-ing as they suck each other off. After the foreplay, Peter gets to spread those legs as many other studs around here and you can see him getting fucked balls deep in the ass today. We’re sure that you will enjoy the whole show so yeah, see you next week!

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Jamie Orsak and Elliot Kroll

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back as usual to a brand new and fresh Randy Blue update today. You get to check out a brand new collection of hot and sexy galleries with Jamie Orsak and Elliot Kroll getting to play with one another and it’s going to be quite the experience. We know what you want to see and these guys know too, so because of that, you can expect to see a simply superb and hot gallery featuring these two here today. Meanwhile we’ll be sure to have more scenes soon. But either way, let’s just get to sit back and watch Jamie and Elliot have some good times fucking one another in today’s very hot gay scene shall we?

The jocks were eager to have a go at it right from the start and you ca see it on their faces. They settle to get to play in the dining room on that huge ass table that they have in there and of course, first order of business is to check out as they get to undress one another and show off their amazing nude bodies to you as well while they get all touchy feely with one another and kiss passionately. Then you can see them taking turns to fuck one another in the ass right there on the table and have fun with the whole thing. We’ll return again next week with another new collection of hot content so make sure to come on by like always to check them out!


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Randy Blue – Muscle Bear Paul

Well here we are again with some more all new and all fresh Randy Blue scenes that we know you will love seeing get done and some more amazing studs of course. This week you get to see the muscled bear named Paul in action and he gets to play in the living room with his fuck buddy today. Paul is the guy with the blonde hair and beard by the way and he’s pretty eager to get to spread the other guy’s legs in today’s amazing and hot scene and fuck him nice and deep. And just as much, the other dude was eager to get to take it in the ass from Paul here today. Just take the time to see them playing naughty with each other in this gallery!


They seem to be happy to just lay some sheets on the floor and go at it like that as you can clearly see. The two studs are superbly horny and eager to get things going without delay and once they do, there’s nothing stopping them. See Paul getting his cock sucked with a passion by the other guy to make sure that he’s all nice and hard for his ass and then watch him deliver a raw bareback ass pounding missionary style. Paul knows how to please asses with his big dick and you can bet that it’s worth taking your time to check the two out in action today. We’ll see you again next week with a brand new scene too, so make sure to come on by!

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Gay Russian – Dmitry Osten

Once more you all come at just the right time to get to see another new and fresh RandyBlue scene here today. And the main star of it today is Dmitry Osten, a dude of Russian descent that’s a real cutie and the other guy he was with, was more than happy to give his cute and tight ass a good and thorough pounding here. He says he is straight, but you know the saying, “so is spaghetti until it gets wet”. So yeah he was about as straight as that as soon as he got his dick sucked and ass treated nicely by the other guy in this scene. Let’s not delay any longer and just watch the two guys having their fun fucking raw today shall we?

For their setting, it seems that both of these guys were pretty eager to get to use a nice little bed to get to play in and they had lots and lots of fun with each other here today in it. So like we said, sit back and watch the hot and cute Dmitry as he gets his cock sucked and ass eaten out as the special treatment and then you can watch him finally be ready to take a dicking. By this time he was practically begging for one though as he seems to have been crazy for cock. So yeah, enjoy his first sortie into gay sex and see him having lots and lots of fun with it all here today just for you to check out. We’ll be back again soon with much much more new content for you!


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Randy Blue – Fucked raw

Another fresh week and time to see another new Randy Blue update. You all know that we have you covered when it comes to some pretty amazing and awesome gay scenes going down. Today we get to see a pair of quite muscular men getting to have their fun and these two bears are just what you want to see today. We bet that you’ll adore them and you can rest assured that we’re happy to have them here in future updates too. But anyway, today let’s just get this amazing RandyBlue scene with them going and let’s just take the time to see some amazingly hot and horny gay studs sucking each other’s dicks and fucking hard today!


The two guys are sitting on the couch and they seem all nice and ready to party hard. See some undressing and kissing as the two have their fun and you can most definitely enjoy the stripping. Well the two bears as you can probably tell were really horny and eager to get to do some fucking with one another and you can rest assured that they get to do that right away and as soon as they are done with their foreplay. They got to put the white leather couch to some very good use today and you got to see it all too. We’ll be back again next week with another show for you so come on by and check it out okay? There’s sure to be more amazing stuff to check out!

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