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Randy Blue – European Hunks

Another fresh week and time for another new and fresh Randy Blue scene here today with the classical gay fuck that you all love to see. This time we get to see a pair of euro studs that get to have their fun in this one and they seem to have just come back from the beach side with a nice tan too. They would have stayed more, but the thing is that the two of them just got too horny to be in public, so they had to settle for getting nasty with each other in the hotel room today. Just sit back and watch them getting to do some nice anal fucking in this one just for your eyes only and just take in the whole amazing and beautiful sex scene with them!

Anyway, this show is just great to say the least and we bet that you will agree. Let’s get to watch the action go down shall we? we can can assure you that the scene is quite steamy with the two. On top of all that, this scene has been featured at marcusmojo.org as well and you know that it’s just incredible to see. Well just sit back and watch the two engage in their simply amazing and luscious gay fuck this afternoon as they get to play with each other nice and kinky too. We’re sure that you will enjoy the view of it all and there will be more to see in future scenes as well, of course. But anyway, take your time to enjoy it and take care!

European Hunks

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Christopher and Josh – Horny Men Workout

Christopher and Josh had their own workout sucking their cocks in the middle of the gym this evening. These two hunks were going to the same gym and being a small gym everybody knew everybody. They used to help each other during their workouts but this time Josh wanted more from Christopher. He didn’t knew if he was dating anyone but it was still worth the shot. The ripped black hunk desperately wanted to get in his pants and to ride his cock.

Well today seems to be the perfect day to do that because they were out together and because they arrived so late everyone left and they had the entire gym only for themselves. The horny black hunk started hitting at him and in no time he felt Josh’s hand grabbing his cock. They undressed and took turns on sucking their cocks on the bench. The guys had so much luck because no one disturbed them and they could stay there as long as they wised. They finished the night the right way, of course, hammering their butthole. It’s such an amazing scene so check it out! If you want more horny guys hunk menover30.net id the place to be, because they have some amazing scenes for you. Enjoy!

Christopher & Josh

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Hot and Sweating Sexting

Whenever you need to see something really hot, Randy Blue is the perfect choice! For example, this time we have two incredibly handsome twinks that are about to have the most impressive time together and they are going to share their cocks. They are super horny and they were waiting for these moments the entire day today so you could imagine how hot they are and how naughty they are going to get. One of them is going to have a seat, grab his own tool and he is going to start jerking it off, pressing it with a lot of eagerness.

Enjoy watching him jerking off while he is busy blowing his buddy’s cock. He will start sucking that huge hard cock, exploring it entirely with his lips and with his tongue. You got to see the entire action, so get yourself comfortable and get ready to be impressed by these two incredibly hot twinks that are going to have a great time with each other. You got to see the entire action cause the next moments are quite amazing and you will be definitely turned on so enjoy watching these two in action. Also you can visit the cmnm site and watch other horny gay guys fucking each other’s ass!


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Austin and Angel in a hot 69

You are about to have a great time seeing Austin Wolf fucking a straight guy, Angel Santiago. Even though Angel was nervous and shy at first, Austin managed somehow to impress him with his calm and his looks, so he simply forgot about everything and focused on their Randy Blue fucking session. They have chosen to make out on their couch, into the living room, since the passion was too intense to wait any longer. You definitely have to see the whole action, cause there are some incredibly hot scenes that you should see. Since both of them were just the same horny, they decided to go for a 69, to please each other in the same time.

Have a look at the following scene and see how cute Angel took that immense tool into his hands and shoved it right into his eager mouth, licking it and slurping it with so much pleasure. See how Austin is getting ready to do the same thing, focusing on his lover’s butt at first. He shoved his tongue into that ass hole and he started to lick it on, just to wet it for the banging that he is about to receive. Have a look at the http://boyspycam.org/ newest post, as well, to see some extra incredible videos!

hot 69

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Love fever

We have two more hunks for you guys in today’s update. Brett and Nicco sent us this amazing scene with them fucking their buttholes in front of the camera and it’s insane. Brett has been working really hard these last few days and didn’t spend too much time home with Nicco. So he thought Brett might need some relaxation and he waited for him completely naked in the bed a few days ago. Brett was so tired but when he saw him jerking off his cock, he just couldn’t resist him and jumped right over him. He took off his clothes and showed off his amazing body, his killer abs and his hard cock. They used to fuck all day long when they first started dating and now they remembered why. If you enjoyed our ripped hunks fucking you must visit http://peterfever.org/ for another ripped hunk flashing his hard cock to the camera. Make sure you check out the entire gallery and see you guys next time with more!

Brett & Nicco

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Straight muscle hunk Rudy Valentino

Another fresh week and time to see another fresh and new Randy Blue update. As always we have the best of the best gay porn scenes here that you can check out and this one is no different. There’s another hunk named Rudy Valentino that gets to be the main star of it and he’s very happy to show off his muscled body and passion for anal sex here today. As you also know, this is the best site to check out when you want to see some amazing studs fucking in naughty ways and we always aim to make it better. But now let’s just get the whole RandyBlue update going and see Rudy fucking another dude in the ass for this one!


This week Rudy and his buddy get to play in the bed and it seems that by the time that the cameras are rolling, the to are all ready to fuck and fully naked too. Enjoy the sight of their amazing foreplay to begin with and see them sucking one another off nice and passionately today to get those meats ready for one another. But yeah, the muscular dude Rudy gets to take center stage and play with the other dude’s ass and we can assure you that after this you will be seeing much more of him as well. He made the guy moan all throughout the whole thing and they had lots of fun with one another. Enjoy it and don’t forget about the past scenes either!

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Randy Blue – Bareback muscle stud Erik

Hey there guys and gals, we’re back again today with a new Randy Blue scene and you know what you get to see. There’s many new images in this gallery with these two gay studs and they have lots of fun fucking each other balls deep all afternoon long too. We can assure you that this gallery is one you cannot skip over if you want to see a superbly new and hot RandyBlue scene with some hot guys. So yeah, let’s not waste anymore time and just get to see the muscled guys fucking bareback all day long today. We’re sure that you will have fun with the whole thing and let’s just get to watch these two in action!

The two guys have the room all to themselves and they seem to be pretty happy about using the floor as their spot to get down and dirty with one another. Naturally, clothes fly off quick and they get to suck one another’s dicks too to make sure that they are rock hard. Erik, the straight guy in this one gets the honor of plowing the other guy in the ass and you can see the two dudes moan in pleasure as they spend their quality time together today. There was lots of butt fucking today with these two guys that you can see and enjoy and we’ll return next week too with another such amazing gallery as well. Until then, have fun with this one and check out all the images!


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Straight man whore Diego Falco

Well well well, there’s a brand new Randy Blue show to see this week and as always it’s just incredibly hot and juicy as always. The show has a guy named Diego Falco showing off in this one and he’s the more muscular one that you can see between the two here. Just check him out as he gets to be tended to by another expert gay guy that makes sure he’s all happy with the whole thing. So yeah, let’s get this show going and watch the horny Diego get his cock worshiped in this RandyBlue scene and then you can check see them getting to fuck  as well before it all ends and you just need to see it unfold too. So let’s just get it going!


At the start of it all, watch Diego like we said let the guy tend to his dick and you can see him moan in pleasure with those lips getting to suck off his meat nice and passionately here today. Once they are done with the oral, you can see Diego take his time to then bend over the guy on the counter and fuck his ass balls deep. The other thing is that after the whole oral thing you can see the guy bending over himself and taking it up the ass too. And then you see why the title is what it is as the guy practically begs his fuck buddy to plow him hard for the rest of the show. We’ll see you again next week!

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Randy Blue – Bareback Fuck Fest

Well you are here once again and we have another new and fresh scene to show you all with some more bareback action. So sit tight and enjoy another new scene with some more guys having some sexual fun with one another. They get to use the armchair as much as they can today and it makes for some amazing views of course. Just take the time to enjoy the sight of the two hot and sexy studs taking their time to fuck one another in this amazing RandyBlue show for the afternoon. So yeah get ready to get to see this thing unfold and let’s watch the guys have a good ol’ fuck with one another for the whole afternoon here.

As soon as the show begins the guys drop their clothes and get right down to business with one another. We get to see them have all the time in the world to do some naughty fucking and we bet that you will enjoy it right from the start. They get to do some stripping too of course and show off their amazing bodies on camera as they kiss and caress. Then they get to the real fun part of it all which has them just taking turns to ride one another’s cocks on the armchair for the rest of the show. So take the time to enjoy this one fully and we’ll return next week with another new and hot gallery that you can check out. See you guys then!


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Randy Blue – Try Gay Sex

Another fresh week and time to see another new Randy Blue update. We know what you want to see and we have much more of it going on right here and right now. Of course that is some pretty hot and sexy studs showing off how naughty they are and this gallery features them getting down and dirty with one another. Of course one of them is straight and his new friend here is all set to show him all the pleasures that man on man sex can bring as well and that’s why you most definitely need to fully check out this juicy RandyBlue scene here today. Anyway, let’s see some more kinky and juicy gay sex shall we ladies and gents?


So yeah, the show begins with the two of them getting one another named on that couch and getting ready to party hard today. Once they have that going on the clothes start to fly off in all directions until both of them are all nice and naked and now they can start having their fun with each other. See the guy that has more experience suck the straight guy off to get him to lose all inhibitions and see how good he can make him feel. He nearly blows his load a few times too. But anyway, after that oral session, you can enjoy the two studs getting busy with each other in more kinky ways like anally plowing one another too. Have fun with it and see you soon!

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